Omtank offers a managed service to fashion companies that wants to add recurring revenue to their business model and to enable them to quickly be a part of the global fashion second-hand and access/sharing economy with minimum effort, investment and time spent. Omtank combines the B2B managed services with dedicated B2C services, offering end-consumer a fashion access service aimed for the metropolitan Gen Z and Millennials that want to make a sustainable and conscious easy fashion selection of everyday used clothes.


Omtank believes that a sustained and lasting transformation of global consumption and production behavior of fashion can be accelerated, if the global fashion industry is given the right incentives to reduce their overproduction and vastly reduce the use of the global limited resources, but still increase their company profitability. Omtank's goal is to give both the end-consumers as well as the fashion companies globally accessible services and an easy way to as often as possible choose the better long-term sustainable environmental, social and financial path first. This to contribute to the UN's sustainability goals with focus on goal 8 "Decent work and economic growth", goal 10 "Reduced inequalities"and goal 12 "Responsible consumption and production"